About Pulsedrop

40% of Supply fair launched with liquidity locked for 1 year with Pinksale's PinkLock!

30% of Supply claimable by dropnation loyal stakers.

20% of Supply claimable by OGs who sacrificed for Pulsechain or PulseX!

9% of Supply reserved to Multisig for CEX listings.

1% of Supply claimable by referrers! So go refer today!

0.75% tax goes to incentivizing liquidity on pulsechain.

0.25% tax goes to pulsedrop stakers on pulsechain.

0.5% tax goes to development & marketing strategies.

0.25% tax goes to dropnation OG stakers in reward pool.

0.25% tax gets burnt forever from supply.

The method of distribution surrounding the DROP token is depicted in the chart. Nevertheless, dropenomics is continually a work in progress. We keep holders and OG in mind to ensure we grow the dropnation to the best memedrop nation ever to exist in crypto.

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Phase One

Arbitrum Airdrop

Contract Verification

LP and Ownership Renouncements

CoinMarketCap Listing

Coingecko Listing

Phase Two

$Drop Staking

Multichain $Drops

The Memefication

NFT Assets

Meme Staking

Phase Three

Welcome to $Drop MemeFi

Exchange Listings


Drop Gaming & Lotteries

>> More to come >>

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